Elektrohandel – Weiter Machen


Format: Digital Release date: 30.04.2012





01. Elektrohandel – Geladen
02. Elektrohandel – Gefunden
03. Elektrohandel – In The Feeling feat. Jana Tarasenko
04. Elektrohandel – Verspielt
05. Elektrohandel – Reinstecken
06. Elektrohandel – Zerstreut
07. Elektrohandel – Durchziehen feat. JFK
08. Elektrohandel – Stranden
09. Elektrohandel – Geschmeidig
10. Elektrohandel – Samstag
11. Elektrohandel – Advents Dubbereien
12. Elektrohandel – Fachhandelsqualität
13. Elektrohandel – Zu Gut feat. Nicole


The German producer duo ELEKTROHANDEL are back with their brand new chillout/downbeat album “Weiter Machen” (=”Going On” or “Keep Going”). Again the duo shows their sensitive feeling for putting melodies, moods and experimental parts of music together and create new strucutres out of this.
The new album demonstrates a new impulse to their musical creations in the past. It may be viewed as a consequence of their artistic expression and work.



Weiter Machen (feat. Jana Tarasenko, Jfk, Nicole) - Elektrohandel