Elastic Field – Lost and Found (Plusquam Chillout)



Life is like a flowing river. Everything is under current change. Nothing lasts, but in the end it’s still all one, a steady change between love and hate, between hope and desperation, between light and shadow, between Lost and Found. German producer duo Elastic Field reflects on this process, gives comments and creates tales in form of music productions. Their style is strongly influenced by the open-minded idea of Jazz, also it is very important for them to have a clear message, a strong feeling in every single track.


Five Seconds includes many elements of acoustic music. The beat comes from an acoustic drum kit, also there are guitar and flute sounds involved. The tone colours and the overall atmosphere of the title could best be described as a mixture between classic Psy Chill Out and some Lounge influences.


The only heavy thing about the Heavy Afternoon is actually the heavyweight kick drum that leads through the track in a broken rhythm. Well, the track is also pretty heavy in terms of its intoxicating effect on the listener, deep pad sounds meet long delays and subtle melody layers.


Nowhere is completely different. Again this track is characterized by various “classic” instruments, such as drums and super laid-back electronic guitar sounds. While still having an unmistakable deepness, this is probably the lightest track on the available EP, perfect sound for a laid-back get together or a late breakfast.


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