Driller – Silk (Bloodsugar Records)




Driller is the right artist for all you out there who frequently hear themselves saying `Something new, please!”, who are bored of the predictability of mass-compatible dance floor music, and who are into sophisticated, deep and inspiring rhythms. On this EP the artist presents 3 completely different tracks – and by doing so a remarkable talent.


The title track Silk is based on the easy beat of a 4-4 kick drum. It’s really hard to pigeon-hole its style. There is a groovy and uplifting moment of tribalistic Deep House that contrasts with highly psychotropic elements, bleeps and blopps echoing into outer space, and a huge, calm pad motive that seems to have a completely different pace but that still falls into the groove.


Abandoned is a cinematic halfstep track. A soundscape that could be taken from a dark Sci-fi film or a computer game meets a massive kick and extroverted wobble sounds. The deep atmosphere of this title predestines it for experimental Chill Out situations.


Finally there is District. Dark and spacey sounds, obviously the trademark of Driller, meet a Jazz double bass and a Jazz guitar. Towards the end of the track a rapper hits in. An incredible deep approach towards Trip Hop / Hip Hop music!

Audio Demos