Digital Sun – Kathmandu (Groove Control Records)



Looking for an innovative 2012 version of Goa Trance? Want something really deep and psychedelic, but relaxed and progressive without the hassle of certain up-tempo genres? You would love to hear oldschoolish sounds, but arranged and produced in up-to-date quality? Well, let the Digital Sun rise then!



Australian producer Kryptic aka Cuzzy is a rather new face on the buzzing Australian Trance scene. Probably that is also the reason why he approaches his productions in such a relaxed and open-minded way… Rather than adapting to recent trends and the ongoing Nu School movement within the Progressive genre, he presents a sound that is dark and “minimal”- which is to say it is not overloaded with audio tracks and effects. Also it has a distinct retro feeling, sometimes even reminiscent of classic Goa Trance.



Kathmandu works on a crunchy, classic offbeat bass line. Rather than piling up sound after sound after sound, there is enough space for every instrument and sample. A female Indian vocal  lends to the title a vintage Goa Trance feeling- and so does the subtle, acidic synthesizer line. Progressive Trance, as psychedelic as it can be!



Also the Red Magic Mushroom comes with a spacious and open arrangement, again the title has a very subtle edge of classic Psytrance. On the other hand, the twisted break quotes from modern Bass Music – clearly a very modern and truly Progressive Element. Besides the effects and subliminal melodies, the sound quality itself provides a psychedelic experience: It’s crystal clear, made to be heard at high volume!