Daniel Lesden – Illusion Of Reality EP (Synergetic Records)



Loaded with sprawling melodies, this new EP from Daniel Lesden is reminiscent of the classic Goa Trance sound of the mid-90s. However, vibrant 16th bass lines and a crystal clear production quality have a very modern feeling. Two high-energy anthems, both for ecstatic daylight and night time scenarios.


The Illusion Of Reality is clearly made for all melody lovers out there. This track could indeed be described as an 8 and a half minute homage to the organic elegance of synthesized harmony. The arrangement keeps building and building, peaking in ecstatic key changes just to depart even further. There is a somewhat oldschoolish feeling to this track, also with regard to the vocal sample and the broken beats which keep up the energy during the short break.


Just like the first title on this EP, also Science 2.0 is based on the rhythmic paradigm of a fat, rolling 16th bass line. This tune consists of a considerable number of audio tracks, lets say: It’s well loaded. However, it does not appear overloaded at any time, thanks to a steady up and down in the arrangement. A “full on” psychedelic party banger that is not Fullon at all… perfectly matches the mood of a sunlit open air floor and a fluorescent club atmosphere alike!


Audio Demos