Damon McU – Dark Mountains (Plusquam Chillout)




Hungarian producer Damon McU presents three wonderful remedies against the cold of the European winter, three tracks that will warm up the listener from inside his or her mind and create a feeling of cosiness just by means of sound waves.


Dark Mountains: A deeply epic track that instantly takes the listener on a weightless flight through the monumental landscapes that surround the mysterious region of the dark mountains. Angelic chorals meet the organic harmony of overtones and rich harmonies. This title could easily be the opening music for a big fantasy movie!


Heaven Is Here: A track title that speaks for itself… Build around ethnic drums and a standing sub-bass, the floating pad and string orchestration of this tune creates a feeling of cosy pressure along the listener’s abdominal wall and a snug feeling of warmth within the mind. Wonderful music for meditation or moments of tenderness.


The Storm: Starting with the sounds of thunderstorm, this title shows a way that leads away from the depressing atmosphere of dismal, rainy winter days. Consisting of melodies rather than rhythm, this is another superb track for deep meditation and working on one’s mental design.

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