D-Twin – Liquid Blue (Synergetic Records)




Psy Prog lovers should definitely watch out for the two D’s from Greece: Dimitris Panagiotidis aka Enormous Dee & Dimitris Litsakis aka Upsoul are the D-Twins and this release clearly earns them the label “up and coming”!


Take the mind-bending power of Psytrance, its intoxicating psychoacoustics and spaced-out melodies, and merge it into a warm, uplifting Progressive Trance groove: This is the approach of the D-Twins. However, this formula is simplified, of course, because their title Damage manages to do the balancing act between Psychedelic and Progressive in a remarkably seamless and elegant way. The tight offbeat bass escalates into a galloping 16th pattern again and again, pushing the energy of the title to a maximum. Huge acoustic spaces and a long, epic melody during the break do the rest.


The track Breaking Bad might be reminiscent of the popular TV series – but as a matter of fact the name of this title also refers to its rhythmic paradigm. Kicking off with a rolling bass line, the beat morphs into broken structures and snaps back into the groove in a manner that is everything but bad! The deepness of this tune makes it a perfect choice for peak time departures on any Psy Prog floor!

Audio Demos