Cyklones – Paris By Night


Format: Digital Release date: 02.12.2011


Audio Demos




01. Cyklones – Aerobeat
02. Cyklones – Red Nose (Remix)
03. Cyklones – Early Birds
04. Cyklones – Absolut Exception
05. Cyklones – Paris By Night
06. Cyklones – The Vicious
07. Cyklones – Black Sheep
08. Cyklones – Aristocat
09. Cyklones – Something Else

Cyklones is a project between Philippe Sancier and Pierre Dauny who have started to make music together around the millenium.
Friends since the youth ages, their friendship has moved to productive collaborations for the psytrance scene. After 4 years, and the first album ‘City of Cyklones’, fresh of new ideas and feelings, this new project ‘Paris by Night’ is the result of all this years of experiences and knowledges regarding the trance music scene.
Full new range of tracks and release on the growing back label Synergetic Records, it is made for the dance floors and the pleasure of your ears.



Paris By Night - Cyklones