Cydelix – Soul Enable (Plusquam Chillout)



Greek producer Cydelix has been around since quite a long time – and he underwent some really interesting musical evolution. His first album, released in 2003, was bursting with uplifting, melodic, classic Goa-flavoured dance floor music. Seven years later he presented a new album, still very melodic and still uplifting, but this time it were inspiring Downbeat, Breakbeat and even Drum’n’Bass rhythms. Now he is back with the Soul Enable EP on Plusquam Chillout – let’s give it a listen!


Argo is a highly psychotropic sound construct, full of resonating layers of sound and very rich in overtones. The title starts with barely any beats, rather the listener’s mind is carried away by the deep flow of a sonic current. When eventually a kick drum hits in, the kaleidoscopic visual effects take an subtle energetic turn.


Maqam Chant is a superb blend of Ethno Chillout and World Music. Based on the stimulating sound of bulbous drums it involves intricate changes in rhythm that are taken up by a classic guitar and a piano. Of course there is a good reason why the name of this track involves the term ‘chant’: A female Indian vocal sample, carried away from reality by a psychedelic gate effect.


Last but not least the Misty File includes a fat, wobbling bass line and lots of cheerful tone colours, drifting into the acidic depths of a classic Roland TB-303 synthesizer – A track both deep and easy-going.


Audio Demos