CostasC – Breeze (Plusquam Chillout)




He is an organist, composer and professor at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory in his home town Athens, Greece. Also he has been working for various theatres. CostasC clearly stands out from the mass of computer-only Ambient and Chill Out producers- although he embraces the advantages of digital technology just like the organic sound of classic musical instruments. This is obviously the reason why his music goes far beyond the scope of loop libraries and common synthesizer presets.


The available Breeze EP is a high-end easy listening experience. Rather than having the presumption to create subliminal psychoacoustics and mind-mending sound effects, the Greece producer just presents some beautiful music, full of harmony and warm tone colours. All the songs come with the sound of pianos and / or guitars, also many tracks have a very epic touch reminiscent of movies or video games. The atmospheric spectrum reaches from calm, floating tunes like Dreaming or Smooth Corner to the Balearic Lounge temper of Same Name or Dolphin’s Whisper to the film music-styled orchestrations of Awareness or Hypnosis.

Audio Demos