Chronos – Two Paths (Plusquam Chillout)



Earthy rhythms and weightless, hovering melodies: Chronos walks along Two Paths and takes his listeners on an exciting hike that includes cheerful party and laid-back camp fire cosiness.


Kind of unusual for a “Chillout” label- The Earth Path leads straight towards the dance floor! Well, but then again this is pretty much the policy of the Plusquam Chillout label: Expect the unexpected! Though clearly having a modern production quality, this title has a very vintage feeling, it’s soul seems to come from a time when there was no such genre as “Psytrance” or “Goa Trance”. Earth Path is packed with sweet melody lines, bubbling with pure ecstasy. A true insider gem for DJs seeking for an exclusive old school tune that keeps up the acoustic pressure of today’s productions!


The Sky Path leads to an ethnic sound scenario, very relaxed and laid back. There is the camp fire romance of a guitar plonking away with crickets chirping in the background. There are the deep and psychedelic pad sounds floating in the mist. There is soulful singing. And there is a dreamy violin playing to the inspirational beat of tribal drums. Completely different to the first path, this title creates an original Chill Out atmosphere.


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