Christian Quast – Where The Freakz Have No Names


Format: Digital Release date: 04.05.2012

CAT: PD269




01. Christian Quast – Yesterday Is Gone
02. Christian Quast – Where The Freakz Have No Names
03. Christian Quast – Rhythm Controlled
04. Christian Quast – Tacheles
05. Christian Quast – Together In The Wild World


After releasing on highly-anticipated labels like BPitch, Broque, Kickboxer, Futureaudio, Rococo, Plusquam Royal, Glueckskind Schallplatten and many others – Plusquam Division is more than proud to release one of the most promising EPs of this year by German producer CHRISTIAN QUAST.
With his latest work “Where The Freakz Have no Names” he demonstrates once again his true roots to Techno by using analogue machines to create unique and unprecedented sounds. Finally the creative sound-melange features 5 previously unreleased and exclusive deep and solid techno tracks with emotional highlights.



Where the Freakz Have No Names - Christian Quast