New Age – Swinger (Synergetic Records)

We are approaching the end of the year 2012. One or two people are talking about mankind being on the threshold of a new age. If you believe in Maya prophecies and Nostradamus or not – at least in terms of intelligent Progressive Trance this theory turns out to be true. Lior Edery, well known as one half of Ananda Shake, starts a new solo project named New Age.



Damon McU – Dark Mountains (Plusquam Chillout)

Hungarian producer Damon McU presents three wonderful remedies against the cold of the European winter, three tracks that will warm up the listener from inside his or her mind and create a feeling of cosiness just by means of sound waves.



Audiotec – Minds Network (Planet BEN Records)

Often it seems like working together with musician colleagues takes a producer out of his comfort zone, away from his routine. Which again has a very noticeable effect on the sound… as to be heard on this triple cooperation EP by Israeli producer Audiotec.