Avant Garde – Fantasia (Groove Control Records)

Have you ever seen one of these video on the internet where some crazy handicraft enthusiasts builds a domino-mechanism out of household items and once he picks up his mug or something, a series of clever, funny and hilarious mechanisms is triggered? This EP by Avant Garde is pretty much the same – just an audible Psy Prog mechanism.



Ilai Salvato – Out Of Control (Plusquam Division)

Two full-power House bangers made to set dance floors on fire until the sprinklers hit in – which is to say until the sweat drops down from the ceiling!



Monu – Enigma EP (Crotus Records)

    I did not hear the name Monu before I got hold of this new release on Crotus Records, so I decide for a little Google research. Which tells me that Monu is the artist name of Emanuele Mastrangeli …



Abendrot – Der Flug Des Phoenix (Plusquam Chillout)

Ultra-mellow pad sounds and floating harmonies trigger tender emotions as if ecstasy was infused into the auditory system of the listener… Abendrot delivers the perfect soundtrack for classic Ibiza Chill Outs with a tiny touch of psychedelics, for tender twosomeness or meditation and yoga.



Atomic Pulse – Music Factory (Planet BEN Records)

Music Factory – This name could give the impression of a pre-fabricated mass product. You couldn’t be more wrong! The latest Atomic Pulse album does not only stand out due to the mere fact that it is the work of a long-running veteran of the Psytrance scene, but also due to the fact that includes a multitude of remixes for and collaborations with other interesting producers. In consequence, the products of the Music Factory are multi-faceted and multi-coloured in a truly astonishing way!



AtomiCulture – In Music (Synergetic Records)

    AtomiCulture – doesn`t this name appear oddly familiar? For a good reason: It is the mutual project of two fairly big fishes of the Psytrance scene: The “atomic element” comes from Israeli Tamir Ozana – better known as …



Rob Vector – Natural Data (Plusquam Chillout)

“My music is a futuristic amalgamation of all music which has come before. I like to be eclectic and quirky while keeping a fun beat and promoting unity” Rob Vector, Boston-based producer explains. Let’s have a listen exactly how he puts to practice this principle on the Natural Data EP!



Driller – Silk (Bloodsugar Records)

Driller is the right artist for all you out there who frequently hear themselves saying `Something new, please!”, who are bored of the predictability of mass-compatible dance floor music, and who are into sophisticated, deep and inspiring rhythms. On this EP the artist presents 3 completely different tracks – and by doing so a remarkable talent.



Atma – Wheel Of Time (Planet BEN Records)

    Two masterpieces of intelligent Full On music, rocking and driving to the maximum yet at the same time light and uplifting. Atma delivers the good, keeping up his unbroken series of  high-quality Trance music.   Other than its …



CostasC – Breeze (Plusquam Chillout)

He is an organist, composer and professor at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory in his home town Athens, Greece. Also he has been working for various theatres. This is obviously the reason why the music of CostasC goes far beyond the scope of loop libraries and common synthesizer presets.