Plusquam Podcast 007

After taking a short break during the end of the year the Plusquam Podcast is back with another episode that kick starts the year 2013 with some brand new music! Effective is definitely a new Progressive talent to watch out for, there’s a new Psy Prog stomper by Sunstryk in here, and some explosive dance floor stuff from Quantum. Of course, the Chillout culture is also well-represented!



Plusquam Podcast 006

Introducing some of the newest releases on the Plusquam Labelgroup, this podcast features Echotek’s fabulous Boost, brand new Material from Indra, Seven11, Analyzer, and some more dance floor banger. On the Chillout side you can hear exclusive first tracks from Michael E’s new album on Bloodsugar Records, a new EP by Koan, and many more deep and easy tunes.



Plusquam Podcast 005

Episode 5 of our podcast starts with some bouncy Progressive bangers, then makes a transition to Psy Prog and some full on Psychedelic Trance titles, among others from the long-awaited debut album by Didrapest. As always, the second half is all about Chillout and relaxation, introducing a splendid new compilation by Lemonchill.



Plusquam Podcast 004

Lots and lots of exciting new releases in this episode of the Plusquam Podcast: Listen to tracks from the forthcoming Atomic Pulse album, a new EP from Frogacult, delightful compilations by Sunstryk and Lupin, fresh and sunny sounds from Kuba and much, much more quality Progressive Trance, Psytrance, Ambient, and Chillout music!



Plusquam Podcast 003

First the thrill, then the chill: In the third episode of our bi-weekly podcast series Tino Turanga presents some of the newest Progressive Trance, Psytrance, Ambient and Downtempo releases on the Plusquam Label Group.



Plusquam Podcast 002

The second part of our bi-weekly podcast series starts right on the dance floor, later on it turns into an inspiring Chillout. Tino Turanga presents some of the latest releases, including hi-energy Psytrance, uplifting Progressive and lots of Downtempo, Ambient and Chillout tunes.