PsiloCybian – Pain Blockers (Planet BEN Records)

PsiloCybian: Opiate… Pain Killers… we are obviously dealing with some heady tunes here! They come from Croatia, one of the current scene hot spots and will delight all lovers of minimalist, deep, and woozy Psytrance.



Sunstryk – Ascending Soul (Plusquam Records)

The sound colours of the Ascending Soul in front of a nocturnal sky full of glittering stars provoke a feeling of freedom and independence that clearly rubs off on the listener.



Exaile – Sikfrik (Planet BEN Records)

My head… is big… it grew out of proportion… mind-freak, mind-sick… Exaile presents two highly entertaining tracks that might be labelled Full On comic sound.



Stefan Torto – Argus EP (Plusquam Chillout)

    With 2 albums in 2 consecutive years Stefan Torto became a synonym for intelligent Ambient and Downtempo music. His name only appears to be relatively new – as a matter of fact, Greek producer  Stefanos Tortopoglou has been …



Jann – Coffee And Herbs (Plusquam Chillout)

Coffee and herbs – when it comes down to the most elemental gustatory pleasures of everyday life, again and again it’s these two ingredients which are associated with a feeling of “that made my day!” Obviously inspired by these simple but priceless joys, Jann delivers two auditory treats for lovers of refined Chillout and Ambient.



Zero Cult – Shining EP (Synergetic Records)

The releases of Zero Cult can be found in the cases of quite all relevant Chillout, Ambient and Downtempo DJs of this planet. However, this new EP is kind of different. It’s not his typical super easy-going beat structures, but two “shiny” dance floor tracks full of good mood and positive feelings.



Artist interview: Voltek7

Two Goa Trance veterans break new grounds: Voltek7 speak about the open-mindedness of the Psytrance scene, which music they like to listen to recently and what to look forward to in terms of their new project.



New Age – Swinger (Synergetic Records)

We are approaching the end of the year 2012. One or two people are talking about mankind being on the threshold of a new age. If you believe in Maya prophecies and Nostradamus or not – at least in terms of intelligent Progressive Trance this theory turns out to be true. Lior Edery, well known as one half of Ananda Shake, starts a new solo project named New Age.



Damon McU – Dark Mountains (Plusquam Chillout)

Hungarian producer Damon McU presents three wonderful remedies against the cold of the European winter, three tracks that will warm up the listener from inside his or her mind and create a feeling of cosiness just by means of sound waves.



Audiotec – Minds Network (Planet BEN Records)

Often it seems like working together with musician colleagues takes a producer out of his comfort zone, away from his routine. Which again has a very noticeable effect on the sound… as to be heard on this triple cooperation EP by Israeli producer Audiotec.