Artist interview: Aioaska

Austrian producer Aioaska about the healing properties of Psytrance music, how he achieves them when making music, about dancing in the rain, the “love frequency”, and what he’s up to next



A day in Progressive Land… interview with Lupin

Lupin, you are our guide today, a Progressive Land native – please tell us a little bit about the inhabitants of this exotic, alien place!



Artist interview: Voltek7

Two Goa Trance veterans break new grounds: Voltek7 speak about the open-mindedness of the Psytrance scene, which music they like to listen to recently and what to look forward to in terms of their new project.



Artist interview: Astropilot

The originally Siberian Ambient genius tells about the severe climate of his home, what inspired him for his recent “Patterns of Awareness” EP, the magic suspense between Chillout and dance music, and which writers, musicians and painters he admires


Nick Mechanimal

Mechanimal – Solar Winds EP (Planet BEN Records)

Mechanimal himself walks us through his brand new Solar Winds EP, tells us about his definition of deepness, inspirational moments and what’s he up for at the moment.


funk truck 2

Artist interview: Funk Truck

“We are working on a high quality of sound each and every day, our direction was and always will be to preserve the oldschool Progressive style though we are always trying to bring new ideas to our music to make sure the Trancer will be surprised all the time!”