C-Jay – Forever Now


Format: CD + Digital Release date: 29.07.2011

CAT: PQ255

Audio Demos




1. Commencement Part 2
2: Vienna
3: Electric Café (with Sezer Uysal)
4: Dog On The Floor
5: Soli2de (with Liftshift)
6: Artificial Stimulance
7: Stealth (with Barry Gilbey)
8: The Click


The Dutch DJ/producer Veteran has established himself as one of the most versatile artists in the grey but adventurous area where progressive and psytrance meet. His 2004 debut release SwayWatch caught the attention of some of the biggest names in the genre, after which C-Jay went on to spread his tentacles across various facets of the game as a DJ, producer and label owner. His previous album Magnanimity –a beautifully orchestrated release packed with both chilled out as energetic electronics confirmed- confirmed his skills, and now he presents its successor in the form of Forever Now.

The production on the album is clean and very tight man…bravo!
I like “Artificial Stimulance” and “Soli2de”…will support these.

Nice album with good variety in music.
My personal favourite is the track “Electric Cafe.”
Armin van Buuren

A very nice album.
Been playing some of the tracks with really good results all over the world.
Hernan Cattaneo

Real nice album. Quality stuff!
Dave Seaman


Waahoo LOVE it! This is what is dearly missing from the scene, a producer that writes music from his heart and not writing music to become a pop star.
Well done matey!
John “oo” Fleming

A highly accomplished and very playable album from a splendidly talented bloke.
Definitely worth checking out.
Chris Cowie


Really cool album, full of quality and varied productions from rising Dutch Progressive House star C-Jay. Its only a matter of time before he pushes his way into the premier league.
Barry Gilbey – MARA


Great album once again, will definitely drop some of these in my sets!
Eelke Kleijn (Global Underground, Outside the Box)


Some cool tracks including some good downtempo bits.
Steve Parry


I’m very happy to be part of this album and i love the co-production i did with C-Jay: our track
“Electric Cafe.” C-Jay is always doing his own sound and makes people happy.
I think the album will gonna blow up all ears ! He will proof that we are here for real music. Thanks C-Jay !
Sezer Uysal


C-Jay is one of my fav artists at the moment! Delivering pure prog/tech house at its best.
Just had the chance to play some of the tracks in my recent gigs and the result is mindblowing!
Favourite track for me is “Electric Cafe.” Well done and please give us some more of these.
Eitan “Fatali” Carmi


C-Jay is determined in his way of making music, not only as a producer but also as a DJ. The combination and mixture between slow psy trance, minimal, trance and elektro is perfectly in balance on this album, my favourite track…..Vienna for sure!!! I personally like the open rhythm sections on the tracks and the freshness of the album! C-Jay go!


Great Album. A must have for all Prog & Trance lovers, with Stealth and Vienna being my favorites.
Francesco Pico