C-Jay & Barry Gilbey – Stealth (Plusquam Records)



C-Jay & Barry Gilbey – Stealth


Wow, what a bass line… It really has this “physical” dimension, it’s just everywhere around you, like a bass-liquid or something… Pumping heavily on my headphones, would love to hear that on a big sound system! Talking about a big sound system: Also those weird, creepy-crawly sound effects rolling through the stereo panorama surely work really nice on one of them. The percussion is minimal but has a lot of bite, definitely driving. After the rather clean and minimal intro the tracks starts morphing, creaking and humming sound effects all over the place. Reminds me a fast-forward flight through that weird spaceship from the movie ‘Lost Horizon’… Yes, definitely some big-room rave stuff for dark hours!


C-Jay & Barry Gilbey – Stealth  (Revolt’s Drug Remix)


The A-Side was pretty heady and intoxicating already, so let’s hear what Revolt’s Drug Remix is about… Okay, starts with a distorted “drugs” vocal sample. Nice shuffled groove in the bass line here instead of the standing boost of the original version. This remix keeps building and building, floating synthesizer chords accompanying the journey, whipping hi-hats stimulating the listener. Eventually this tune ends up in a huge echo chamber where mysterious clouds of sound take shape just to dissolve into nothingness a little later. Here comes the break… whooo: It picks up the cinematic, dark melody of the original, getting really trippy right here! When the beats kick in again, the track escalates into a complex amalgamation of rhythms and sounds. Yes, drugs are an appropriate association for this mighty production!


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