Berg – Wizdom EP (Synergetic Records)



4 tracks, 4 questions to the artist: A walk through the debut EP of Berg, a new Progressive Trance talent from Israel.



1. Innocent


Hum… this track does not sound innocent at all! It’s quite an audacious dance floor groover. And it jumps between different rhythms and moods… apparently you are quite experienced, not innocent!


I started producing music 8 years ago, so yeah… I am not really innocent any more! I started with Psytrance, for 5 years I ran a project named Psytrix. Then I changed my name to S-B Noise and released 2 EP’s… Woo-hoo!  Around 4 months ago I started a new project called Berg and did some Progressive Trance. And voilá: Here we are with my debut release on Synergetic Records!



2. Life Goes On


A laid back, groovy and very dreamy track… That means being relaxed is how life goes on best?


Actually I chose this name for the track because Life Goes On has very emotional melodies and happy grooves. At least for me. Also it’s the first track I made for my project Berg. Well, and I made this track in only 2 days! It’s very fast for 1 track…



3. Wizdom


The title track is very melodic, filled with harmonies and spaced-out sounds… What is the wisdom you drew from the production of this EP?


When I worked on this track I tried to make a new, a different and unique style. In the middle of the track I made a different bass line with a secret VST (Cronox, but don’t tell anyone!) and I used a lot my secret weapon, the Sylenth1 .



4. Super Cop


The Super Cop has a super profound character! A deep stomper, again with some inspiring changes in rhythm. For this track you collaborated with Omiki – what do you like about collaborations?


Well, most of my collaboration tracks with other producers are not actually made in one studio… often you just can’t find the time to go and work together. So we rather send the project to each other via the internet. It was great to work with Omiki cuz he works very fast and very good!