Avant Garde – Fantasia (Groove Control Records)




Have you ever seen one of these video on the internet where some crazy handicraft enthusiasts builds a domino-mechanism out of household items and once he picks up his mug or something, a series of clever, funny and hilarious events is triggered? This EP by Avant Garde is pretty much the same – just an audible Psy Prog mechanism.


The track There Was A Place is probably inspired by an extreme state of enlightenment or even a near-death experience. At least it tells a story of rising higher and higher and finally passing the shining gates of… something. This flight is initiated by a massive ass-kick: The bass line and the bang of the drum. Rising up like a space vessel, the listener is passing through various levels of mystic atmospheres, the title just keeps building and building. During the break some heavenly choral hits in – if this was not a very positive and uplifting track I would say: There appears a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Unexpectedly enough the flight goes even higher after this intermezzo, adding unheard layers and unheard melodies and sound effects.


The remix to the multi-combo track I Am The Truth I Am The Light is kind of different. The build-up is more subliminal, unfolding little by little like the highly complex mechanism of a watch . Grinding sounds glide into place, melody parts swing in, and the beats and percussions keep turning until everything escalates into a big, mighty… BANG!

Audio Demos