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Pelagic Zone – Elements (Bloodsugar Records)


Bloodsugar Records continues its search for alternative urban grooves and presents Pelagic Zone. With an impressing variety of beats, tempi, and tone colours this young guy from Düsseldorf, Germany, proves himself to be very talented. Trip Hop, Ambient, Lounge, Deep House… these and ever more are the Elements of his sound, as introduced on this EP.


V.A. – Delicate Lounge (Plusquam Chillout)


Are you looking for a music selection that you can play when having invited some friends for dinner, when doing easy office work, or when having a laid-back breakfast with your love… again and again, even in a couple of years? Are you a Chill Out DJ who is fond of extra-easy Ibiza sounds? Then this timeless compilation is exactly the right choice for you!


Spectro Senses – Future Nation (Planet BEN Records)


Fresh full-on party Psytrance from the scene hotspot Brazil: Leite da Silva Ronei is an hyperactive and very versatile producer, creating Trance, Psytrance and House music under various artist names. It seems like this EP from his Spectro Senses project is an amalgamation of all his musical interests and skills, a highly euphoric one!


Avant Garde – Fantasia (Groove Control Records)


Have you ever seen one of these video on the internet where some crazy handicraft enthusiasts builds a domino-mechanism out of household items and once he picks up his mug or something, a series of clever, funny and hilarious mechanisms is triggered? This EP by Avant Garde is pretty much the same – just an audible Psy Prog mechanism.


A day in Progressive Land… interview with Lupin


Lupin, you are our guide today, a Progressive Land native – please tell us a little bit about the inhabitants of this exotic, alien place!


Ilai Salvato – Out Of Control (Plusquam Division)


Two full-power House bangers made to set dance floors on fire until the sprinklers hit in – which is to say until the sweat drops down from the ceiling!


Monu – Enigma EP (Crotus Records)


    I did not hear the name Monu before I got hold of this new release on Crotus Records, so I decide for a little Google research. Which tells me that Monu is the artist name of Emanuele Mastrangeli …


Abendrot – Der Flug Des Phoenix (Plusquam Chillout)


Ultra-mellow pad sounds and floating harmonies trigger tender emotions as if ecstasy was infused into the auditory system of the listener… Abendrot delivers the perfect soundtrack for classic Ibiza Chill Outs with a tiny touch of psychedelics, for tender twosomeness or meditation and yoga.


Plusquam Podcast 005


Episode 5 of our podcast starts with some bouncy Progressive bangers, then makes a transition to Psy Prog and some full on Psychedelic Trance titles, among others from the long-awaited debut album by Didrapest. As always, the second half is all about Chillout and relaxation, introducing a splendid new compilation by Lemonchill.


Atomic Pulse – Music Factory (Planet BEN Records)


Music Factory – This name could give the impression of a pre-fabricated mass product. You couldn’t be more wrong! The latest Atomic Pulse album does not only stand out due to the mere fact that it is the work of a long-running veteran of the Psytrance scene, but also due to the fact that includes a multitude of remixes for and collaborations with other interesting producers. In consequence, the products of the Music Factory are multi-faceted and multi-coloured in a truly astonishing way!