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Lemonchill – Clearness (Plusquam Chillout)


Israeli producer Lemonchill made himself a name as a very versatile artist, delivering heady Chillout tunes, joyful Lounge and Downbeat, but also highly danceable uptempo tracks and Minimal Techno. Two of his titles have now been re-interpreted by no less talented musician colleagues: Kalahari and Deepernet.


Mode & Light – Living In Our Dreams (Plusquam Chillout)


The Living In Our Dreams EP explores the soundscapes of something that can best be described as deep Beach House music: Danceable beats meet loungey melodies and a distinct feeling of easiness, often combined with guitar play and a feeling of live music.


SXtheMadArtist – Pale Hazy Daze (Synergetic Records)


Usually Synergetic Records is a reliable source for quality Psytrance and Psy Prog music. This release turns out to be from the Experimental Electronics / Break Beat genre – but still it has the synergetic essence: Fresh and uplifting, psychedelic and mind-bending without ever getting taxing for the listener.


V.A. – True Blood (Synergetic Records)


A wonderful compilation for all lovers of light and sunny, yet driving Progressive Trance that explores all the melodic beauty of the genre without ever getting clubby or losing its unique touch.


Plusquam Podcast 006


Introducing some of the newest releases on the Plusquam Labelgroup, this podcast features Echotek’s fabulous Boost, brand new Material from Indra, Seven11, Analyzer, and some more dance floor banger. On the Chillout side you can hear exclusive first tracks from Michael E’s new album on Bloodsugar Records, a new EP by Koan, and many more deep and easy tunes.


Nania – Space & Piano (Bloodsugar Records)


    If you still think piano music is something only made for old folks, nerds and avant-garde hipsters, take a listen at this at this EP! In a concept work, Nania introduces the listener into the incredible emotional depth …


Norbert Beyer – So In (Future Lovers Records)


Norbert Beyer delivers a tripple dose of minimal House tunes for all tech heads out there!


Fobee – Samsara EP (Plusquam Chill Out)


It might be winter and very cold in Vancouver, Canada, right now. However, there is obviously a source of warmth and energy in this city. Sort of hot spring, only that it is not emitting water but sound frequencies. This source of cosiness is the studio of Fobee, a quality Chill Out, Ambient and Downbeat producer that stands out due to his production and composition skills.


Silvio Malla – Hyperdimension (Echoplast Digital)


Lovers of deep and trippy Minimal and Tech House sound should definitely listen up for this one: Silvio Malla stands for kicking grooves, minimized to a maximum of dance floor efficiency, leading the listener on an intoxicating trip through surreal acoustic landscapes.


Minimal Criminal – So Ya Lha (Plusquam Chillout)


Take a bunch of proper sub-basses, add some brain-tickling resonance, throw in some wobbles, spice it up with broken beats and last but not least: Add an esoteric Asian vocal and overtone singing. There you go with So Ya Lha, a delicious cocktail of Bass music, experimental electronics and classic Psy Chill Out! On this EP, it is served in even 3 different versions.