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-SD- – Dreaming (Groove Control Records)


If you like the modern, streamlined, hi-tech approach on Progressive Trance, if your are fond of rousing offbeat bass lines and the rhythmic usage of vocal snippets, than –SD- is just the right guy for you! On this EP the Mexican producer delivers a mighty triple offbeat strike plus a playfully rolling track.


Mental Flow – Gladiators EP (Synergetic Records)


A pretty new project on the scene delivers fresh sound from the hard and twisted edge of Progressive Trance, including the one or the other quote from Psytrance, as well. As a cooperation of Mental Event and Signal Flow, there is a double dose of innovative power involved.


Deep In Mind – Dialogue (Plusquam Chillout)


Read the title one more time, as a whole! Now you already have an idea what this EP is about… Using the magic of music to trigger emotions, associations, pictures, and visions within the listener’s mind.


Monolock – Sub Frequencies (Synergetic Records)


This EP keeps rolling and evolving, its melodies diving down to ever deeper depths. It’s amazing to hear how Monolock manages to create this mighty hypnosis spell without any effort, just as if it was the most natural thing in the world!


V.A. – Sweet As Sugar (Plusquam Chillout)


A 18-piece showcase of Plusquam Chillout`s very lively and multi-facetted output: Quality music between Chill Out and Ambient, music between dreamy depth and uplifting stimulation, music based on urban grooves and ancient rhythms, music…as Sweet As Sugar!


Voltek7 – Nasty Technology (Planet BEN Records)


Many people talk about the original spirit of Goa, one or two of them about it being lost. Those should probably listen to Voltek7. The actual spirit, the actual soul of their productions is pure fun addiction and for this very purpose a great open-mindedness.


Utopian Hedonism – Karma EP (Plusquam Chillout)


This is not merely another Chillout EP. This is a lifestyle statement! It is all about Utopian Hedonism. Which means: Open your mind for the future, let your fantasy grow rampant, create your own utopia. As a guidline, chose your decisions based on the paradigm of hedonism – in the end it’s all about having a great time!


Rush Hour – Are We There EP (Midijum Records)


The Mexican duo Rush Hour truly lives up to its name, as this brand new EP will surely generate busy traffic on any dance floor! A wonderfully light and uplifting take on modern Progressive Trance.


Yotopia – Master Key Remixes (Synergetic Records)


Within no time, Master key became another hit in the history of Yotopia, as generally known a history not exactly short of Progressive dance floor anthems. Now this epic title was remixed by the long-running German duo Meller and Aioaska. Let’s have a listen if they managed to repeat the mighty bang of the original!


V.A. – Progressive Land (Synergetic Records)


The heavenly parties of Brazil might be amazing, and of course the palm-lined beaches of Goa are still a magic place… However, the ultimate destination for all lovers of deep, psychedelic Progressive Trance is – Progressive Land! On this compilation with the same name Spanish DJ and producer Lupin presents a cutting-edge selection of music, both for DJs and party freaks.