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Lab's Cloud – Kisses To Heal (Plusquam Chillout)


What Spaniard Raul Jordan presents under the moniker Lab’s Cloud is the essence of his long-year experience with mind-bending music: Sound that inevitably triggers emotions just like happy hormones do, sound that spontaneously gives rise to fantasies and visions…


Weekend Heroes – Slide (Plusquam Records)


The Weekend Heroes made themselves a name with their intriguing hybrid sound, characterized by strong and driving rhythms, a proper pinch of club boost, and a very subtle moment of Trance, created by refined psychoacoustics rather than superficial melodies.


Berg – Wizdom EP (Synergetic Records)


4 tracks, 4 questions to the artist: A factory tour through the debut EP of Berg, a new Progressive Trance talent from Israel.


Talamanca – Club Noir (Plusquam Chillout)


Fantasies of sandy beaches, salty air and exotic cocktails… Welcome to the world of Talamanca!


Digital Sun – Kathmandu (Groove Control Records)


Looking for an innovative 2012 version of Goa Trance? Want something really deep and psychedelic, but relaxed and progressive without the hassle of certain up-tempo genres? You would love to hear oldschoolish sounds, but arranged and produced in up-to-date quality? Well, let the Digital Sun rise then!


Human Element – Subsequent Connection (Plusquam Records)


“The eyes take us into the world, whereas the ears take the world into us” – one of the favourite quotes of DJ Martin. After making himself a name as a skilled Progressive Trance DJ, he recently started producing music himself under the moniker Human Element. For the remix he got Progressive Trance bigwig Atmos himself!


Robin Hirte – Front & Back (Echoplast Digital)


Few if any producers manage to include such an amount of feeling and vibe between the grooves of a stripped-down, tool-like record. Music to be played at high volume on a big sound system with only few lights around. Music as raw, hard and ecstatic as good sex should be- Front & Back…


System ID – Double Wobble (Synergetic Records)


Pumping bass lines, spacious soundscapes filled with samples from alien worlds and funky Nu School quotes, a groove so catchy it might well get some fans even outside the Progressive Trance camp… System ID rolls it all into one and delivers something that has all the makings to be a hit EP.


S.U.N. Project – Metallic Taste (Planet B.E.N. Records)


It’s hard to pigeon-hole the sound of the 11th S.U.N. Project album: Night time sounds take turns with daylight tunes and again and again these seemingly inconsistent atmospheres morph into one another!


Dimmat – The Wild Beauty Of Sea (Plusquam Chillout)

Dimmat - The Wild Beauty Of Sea

“Whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul… I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can”, a famous sailor once said. Thanks to Dimmat, we don’t even have to board a ship in order to get level-headed by a little cruise on the ocean.