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Harry Lintott – Sunlight (Bloodsugar Records)


Bloodsugar Records keeps on releasing laid-back urban sounds with a deep and melodic vibe. This time it’s British producer Harry Lintott with an EP that can hardy be labelled with a particular genre: Chilled-out but inspiring, clubby but alternative.


V.A. – Rise Of The Butterflies compiled by DJane Miss Butterfly (Plusquam Records)


Miss Butterfly has the fascinating ability to trigger what is commonly known as the Butterfly Effect: A small change at one place can result in large differences to a later state. In this case, her music triggers a complex series of events that eventually end up in pure bliss and a state of extreme well-being – be it on the dance floor or on the Chillout!


Artist interview: Aioaska


Austrian producer Aioaska about the healing properties of Psytrance music, how he achieves them when making music, about dancing in the rain, the “love frequency”, and what he’s up to next


Q.U.A.K.E – The Dark Side (Plusquam Records)


Let’s take a ride… to the Dark Side! We are invited by Q.U.A.K.E, an act that seems to be a newcomer only as long as you see the name. Having a listen at this EP, it becomes clear quite immediately: These guys have skills that go far beyond the experience level of newbies…


Sienis – Shift Happens EP (Planet BEN Records)


Peak time Full On sound, but neither from Israel nor from South Africa: Swedish producer Sienes delivers two melodic pieces of high energy party music for all those who love the fast, strong, yet warm and uplifting side of modern Psytrance.


Octahedron – Quarter Circle Face (Plusquam Chillout)


Rigged with a variety of psychoacoustics and synesthetic inspirations, classic Psy Chill elements colliding with audio tracks that could be taken from a dark Science Fiction film, Octahedron presents a futuristic take on Lounge music.