Audiotec – Minds Network (Planet BEN Records)




There are various reasons why collaboration projects between experienced Psytrance producers are a classic win-win situation. The first one is quite obvious: The sum of two talents is greater than a single one, and so is the sum of two creative minds. But there is even more to it: Often it seems like working together with musician colleagues takes a producer out of his comfort zone, away from his routine. Which again has a very noticeable effect on the sound… as to be heard on this triple cooperation EP by Israeli producer Audiotec.


The Minds Network he establishes with the Goa Trance dinosaurs Spacecat is remarkably sleek, elegant and modern. A very considered usage of sound effects and melodies lends to this title a very subtle, endless rising character. It’s like an infinite loop, ever changing and evolving while following the purest logic of Trance.


Cocktails, a collaboration track with Outsiders is a little more of a rocker. Heavy, strong bass line and whipping percussions clearly bear the hallmarks of a prime time banger, as so does the vocal sample that tells about mushrooms. Sharp synthesizer riffs and wild stereo effects create a hard, rocking edge.


Last but not least there is Rolling Up, a warm and sunny track of highest energy. The title employs both elements of full on Psytrance music and a tiny touch frisky Progressive House, which creates an irresistible mixture full of good mood.