Audiostatik – Music EP (Synergetic Records)



Precise and to-the-point… we did not really expect anything else from a Swiss producer duo. Audiostatik stand for a both rocking and psychedelic version of Progressive Trance, the heartbeat of their tracks being deep and pumping offbeat basses.



Music starts with a minimal but strong beat, accompanied by only few effect sounds. DJs will love it – it’s just made for long mixes! The lead sound is a literally rocky synthesizer chord, strongly reminiscent of an electric guitar. The beats keep pumping strong throughout the arrangement, giving the title a very straight peak time character. Spacey sound effects and a subtle melody add some variety to this blasting piece of Music, making it suitable for both day or night time usage.


In their version of Sunstryk’s Leaving Eden, Audiostatik present pure understatement set to music – which again creates a very subtle, hypnotic and ever-building atmosphere. Again it’s a bouncing offbeat bass that aims straight forward, but the delicate sounds and melodies evolve in a very unobtrusive manner, giving the title a very deep and subliminal feeling. Classic Progressive groove and melodic Trance meet a playful touch of Nu School sounds, just a hint of clubbiness.


Audio Demos