AtomiCulture – In Music (Synergetic Records)




AtomiCulture – doesn`t this name appear oddly familiar? For a good reason: It is the mutual project of two fairly big fishes of the Psytrance scene: The “atomic element” comes from Israeli Tamir Ozana – better known as Atomic Pulse. Whereas the cultural element is infused by Nate Rubenheimer a.k.a Protoculture from South Africa. The two of them are close friends since quite some time . Between their shows they met for a drink at some corner of this planet and decided to start a brand new side-project that will reflect other musical sides that yearn to burst from each other.


The title In Music is a perfidious hypnosis trick going on for more than 8 minutes, a steady built up with only one break. Beats and hi-hats are pumping at an intoxicating rhythm, leading the listener straight forward. In inspiring contrast, the filigree melody layers of this title have something weightless to them, reminiscent of a sunlit Progressive tune.


The second track on this EP is a remix on Aquafeel’s Forest Lights. The atmosphere of a lysergic jungle awaits the listener right at the beginning. Will he dare to enter? If so, there is a mysterious maze of sound waiting for him. It’s a heavily intoxicating trip, though not at all heavy in terms of gravity. The shimming Forest Lights have a very uplifting effect, virtually making the listener light-headed!

Audio Demos