Atomic Pulse – Music Factory (Planet BEN Records)




Music Factory – This name could give the impression of a pre-fabricated mass product. You couldn’t be more wrong! The latest Atomic Pulse album does not only stand out due to the mere fact that it is the work of a long-running veteran of the Psytrance scene, but also due to the fact that includes a multitude of remixes for and collaborations with other interesting producers. In consequence, the products of the Music Factory are multi-faceted and multi-coloured in a truly astonishing way!


The spectrum of the newest Atomic Pulse album reaches from uplifting Psy Prog stompers to Full On party bangers and intricate Psytrance tunes – so be prepared for the one or the other surprise from Israel’s flagship producer. For instance there is the remix on Stereo Space, a track that was originally created by Ovnimoon & Zyce. Atomic Pulse presents an easy and uplifting Progressive Trance version that still has all of his unmistakable bite in the percussions and a powerful psychedelic twist. The tack UnDefine, created together with Liquid Sound has a similar mood, light and uplifting on the one end, deep and psychedelic on the other. Would make a perfect track to drop during the daylight prime time on an big open air dance floor!



The title track Music Factory is completely different, closer to what Atomic Pulse got famous for during the past decade: Strong and rolling Full On Trance with a sophisticated melodic backbone that does not have any kitschy flaws. The remix on Astral Projection’s One takes up the oldschoolish Goa-vibe of the original, infusing it with the power of the Atmoic Pulse… Around 2/3 of the tracks represent the faster and headier side of Psytrance, 1/3 is finest Psy Prog music. Big ups for this great variation!

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