Atomic Pulse – AnaTomic (Planet BEN Records)



A name that needs no further introduction: Atomic Pulse stands for state of the art Psytrance music and pure dance floor power, his sound represents a quality standard for all producers of this genre. On his fifth studio album Israeli Tamir Ozana proves that he neither lost his edge nor his vivid curiosity for new directions. AnaTomic has the unmistakable groove of Atomic Pulse, yet it also stands for another step in his evolution, the next level.


Like only few other producers Tamir Ozana manages to create dreamy, deep melodies without any cheesiness and to merge them into the rocking sound of sharp, resonating synthesizer leads. In this respect, AnaTomic is somehow a wonderful metaphor for everyday life which takes place in the never-ending twilight between light and shadow. There are the rolling bass lines, driving and pumping but at the same time full of organic warmth. There are the weightless melodies, building and building in endless crescendos of harmony – just to morph into metallic, synthetic hook lines. Though being melodic as it can be, there never ever is any hint of cheesiness or even kitsch – a one-of-a-kind feature of Atomic Pulse.


And so is the production quality. It is so rich, clean and three-dimensional that it becomes mind-blowing on its own. A wall of sound painted with colours and patterns from exotic other dimensions!


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