Atma – Wheel Of Time (Planet BEN Records)




Two masterpieces of intelligent Full On music, rocking and driving to the maximum yet at the same time light and uplifting. Atma delivers the good, keeping up his unbroken series of  high-quality Trance music.


Other than its title actually implies, Into The Abyss is everything but a dark title. The atmosphere is characterized by the sound of an easy Mediterranean guitar that spreads a thoroughly sunny, friendly open air mood right at the beginning. After a few minutes the chords morph into synthesized ecstasy, vibrating upon a powerful 16th bass line. Once the listener dived down into the abyss of this hypnotic groove, the sound of the guitar returns and sheds its beautiful, light harmony upon the arrangement.



The Wheel Of Time is one of those tracks which come with a simple melody that has an extremely high recognition factor. Yes, ladies and gentlemen: This is the stuff hits are made of, we are talking about the magic moment when a track becomes irresistibly catchy. Though The Wheel Of Time is not as sunlit as the first track of this EP it might well be played at any time of the day or the night – it’s mighty spell seems to be just universal!  

Audio Demos