Astropilot – Pattern of Awareness (Plusquam Chillout)



Russian producer Dmitry is a true grandmaster of highly emotional melodies, mind-bending overtone harmonies and state-of-the-art psychoacoustics. Although most of the music from his project Astropilot has a very laid-back, chilled-out vibe he seems to be kind of hyperactive in terms of productivity. His remarkable release history, including 7 albums since 2007, is now continued with yet another EP.


A Drowning is a beatless piece of morphing harmony and emotional deepness, extremely stimulating music for those certain moments in inner spaceā€¦


Only Hope rolls along on a warm bass line that makes this Downtempo title even danceable – complex melody layers meet an easy but inspiring rhythm.


And also Patterns of Awareness is a superb Downtempo groover for both chilled-out hanging around and chilled-out dancing – experimental DJs might even pitch it up and discover a danceable gem of rare beauty!


Astropilot tells all the stories behind this EP in the interview section of Plusquam Magazine – Click here to check it out!


Audio Demos