VJ Mieze

VJane Mieze
Vienna (Austria)


Short Bio:
Barbara Maurer (aka VJane Mieze), is an video artist based in Vienna. She joined electronic music clubs like Sundaychaizelt/Flex, Kinderprogramm (Vienna), Bassintoxiation (Innsbruck) or Luna Club (Köln). Besides this she is Networker and VJane for http://www.cypherproject.org/ (UK), a Multimedia Art Project which draws together a range of contemporary artists, musicians and performers, utilizing many formats and mediums.

As a journalist, Barbara was always fascinated to explore the endless possibilities of expression. It was a small step from written words to moving images and now she implement distinctive and basic issues like spirituality, identity, sexuality, love and peace in her creative work – doesn’t matter if this messages are transported by videos, visuals or text. Through the intimate and straight forward kind of visual language she is trying to give the recipient positive and long-lasting emotional messages.
Experience art, loose youself in music, get inspiration from other cultures, explore the world >>> Everything is possible.




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