DJane Miss Butterfly

DJane Miss Butterfly (formerly aka DJane Nicoletta)
Vienna (Austria)


Short Bio:
The immediacy of music and its importance as a medium for expressing emotions and feelings has been part and parcel of Viennese-born DJane Nicoletta (1976), since childhood if not even since birth.
2007 saw the creation of her first Chillout mix. From then on, this immediacy has been very much in the making and after having delighted the chillout zones, her versatility as a DJane has proven itself in the electronic music scene. Her own style and charm have received a very warm welcome. (Funny Moon Festival, Seeds of Love, DeepSpace Zoon, Bass Island, Cosmic Space Disco, Club Delphin, Spirit Base Festival, Paradise Festival, …)

Dancers connect and experience  Nicoletta’s  Playful ˆ Dreamy ˆ interweaving style and have seen her progress to a more progressive sound (2009-2010) have been thoroughly enchanted.
(Fairytales, Electro Bahöö, Arcturus Dominion, Deli-Kate, Andromeda live, Dayguide, Funny Moon Festival, Avaloka, Digital, Cosmic Family Open Air, …)

At the end of 2010 she was signed by Plusquam Records who also made her their label Djane.
Her ability to transport that feel-good feeling, produce that ecstatic trance and impart that special spirit seems to be a natural talent. Even those driving beats of the FullˆOn genre travel through sound in a harmonic and melodic manner. (2010 Cosmic Space Disco – Summer Breeze, Party 4 Elements, Children of the Future, Cosmic Space Disco – Winter Opening, …) 

Her fine-tuned feeling for all styles Chillout, Progressive and FullˆOn has delighted her audience. Specially chosen intros reach the hearts of all those present. Her sets will provide you with many magnificent moments of serenity and her wisely selected outros will return all dancers to the real world, safe and sound.



DJane Miss Butterfly Mix (Free Download)







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