DJane Melburn

DJane Melburn


Short Bio:
I have been working for 19 years on partys behind the bar….love the contact with the people and of course when I am private on the partys I spend most of the time on the dancefloor. love to feel the music!!! For me it is a kind of meditation.
My first contact with the electronic music was 1990 the beginning from Techno and from the first second I was infected from that kind of music, still love to play some of the old tunes like Age of Love from Jam and Spoon or The Space Track from Cosmic Baby! From 1994 till 2002 my sister played Happy Hardcore and Jungle and I was one of her dancers ( Miss Nic, MC Picar and the bass crew, she is playing since 1985 )
Started to dj march 2006 and I love it…now it is the time where I can feel 2gehter with the crowd and the music…and I try to create this special moments (which I love soooo much when I am on the dancefloor) My style is in between Psychedelic, melodic Fullon and psy Proggressive, it depense what time I play and what the people need on the dancefloor, love to built up a Set and to play not only one style in a set… to create emotional stories!
In the past I had so many special moments…just to write a few Psychedelic Carnival, Shiva Moon, Liquid Time, Antaris, Psy Circu, Indian Spirit, Gideon and off course the Boom and VuuV where I played @ the mainfloor, I will never forget this!
I´m travelling all over europe like Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, England and Poland. and I hope that I get more chances to feel this magic moments with other Soulmates from all over the world!
Since 2010 I´m a Label DJ from YSE Recording and Plusquam Records and 2011 i became a part from the ArteMágica Crew from Portugal they try to make special Events which all the kind of different aspects from the trance scene…Music, Art, Workshops sooo every think for the heart and soul!Plans for the Future a Mushroom Tour…I hope that I get more chances to feel this magic moments with other Soulmates from all over the world….
.. Usually I play alone but you also can book me with 2 DJ Teams, with my lovely sista Djane Miss Nic as Loops & Tings and with my good friend Sid Gautama as Gautama+Melburn.





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