DJ Heinz

DJ Heinz


Short Bio: 
DJ Heinz is tekking since 1992 and has its very first roots into “funny” Tranceparties from which he moved quickly into Goa/Psy-Parties.
In 2005 he did his first steps as DJ and organized Goa/Psy Events in his local area. This was also the time when he started to manifest his own project as “DJ Heinz” for national and international appearances.
Since 2010 DJ Heinz became a member of Plusquam Records where he represents the psy-progressive trance music worldwide.
According to his own interpretation of music style for his DJ-sets he gives names such as: “Tribalpsyprogressiv Goabeats” and/or “Flowthing Elektrotribes”.





DJ Heinz DJ Set (Free Download)




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