Athens (Greece)


Short Bio:
Behind the production of meander from Athens Greece is Michael Fourlas.
He met and became addicted to the temple of electronic music at 1998 and at the year 2002 he starts studying audio engineering and music technology.
At 2005 he started playing powerful psyprogressive DJ set and organizing events.
He has played with some of the biggest artists in trance scene like Etnica – Vibrasphere – Bamboo Forest – Liquid Soul – U Recken – Symphonix – Gaudium – Protonica – Audiomatic – Stella Nutella and many more.
After since years playing in several parties and studies in sound it was a question of time to starts producing his own music. Powerful progressive trance grooves with lots of spicy psychedelic elements composing a deep atmosphere and creating his style unique.
The first track from Meander was released on 2008 and till now he released tracks in 19 compilations and 1 ep called “Beyond Light” in collaboration with the owner of Plusquam records “Sunstyk”. After release tracks on various compilations to labels like Plusquam Records – Blue Tunes Records – Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Iono Music and many more, he is now working on his debut album that will be released in 2011 by Plusquam Records.








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