Artist interview: Voltek7




Do you think today’s Psytrance scene is open-minded towards new styles and influences? What is popular, what is possible, what is difficult or even impossible?


Gil: We see that today more than ever the scene is thirsty for new styles. We feel it every time we drop the bass line and see the surprised jumping faces on the dancefloor. 


Micky: It’s probably the result of promoters and artists doing the same thing over and over again like all the Psytrance artists the changed their style to Progressive because this is the popular thing at the moment. And no one gives something new so we have a lot of room for our innovations.


Gil: Our influences are very diverse, one day we can listen to almost all kind all of electronic music from Ambient to Hardcore, so for example its possible for us in a single track to mix a variety of influences from Electro House sounds to Goa kind of melodies on top of a Drum n’ Bass – Dubstep wobble bass. All comes naturally and it’s hard to set the line what’s the main style we were inspired by – it’s always a crazy blend.


Micky: Sometimes it’s difficult to define our tracks as Psytrance because of the untraditional way they roll, but when we play those tracks we see that this is the next level.


What is your experience when playing live: Are people freaking out more when you play the experimental parts or when you return to “solid” Psytrance grooves?


Micky: Its hard to say exactly what’s ‘working’ better… in both directions we get screams when we drop the beat. But it’s this kind of transitions that keeps it fresh and makes the people freak out.


Gil: To our surprise, in some of the places we played the party rocked even harder when we created break downs and played half-time beats – people like changes


Which music did you listen to recently?


Noisia – Split The Atom: We love the hard hi-tech distortions and the vintage analogue synth sound. Really killer contrast.


Wilkinson – Automatic : A Drum & Bass thriller good for driving.


Afrojack and Steve Aoki featuring Miss Palmer – No Beef : Super cool electro lead.


X-Dream – Out here we are stoned: One of the biggest Goa Trance classics for us


Slipknot – Duality: We are addicted to the power of their drums



You have been around in the scene for a long time. Please tell us about some important milestones for you as producers!


Gil: For a long time I’ve been producing Psytrance under the name Outer Signal and played in many places around the world and had many releases with labels such as 3d Vision, Mechanik, and many more.



Micky: I’ producing Trance since more than 10 years as Psychotic Micro. We part of the Chemical Crew and performed with Skazi all over the world. I met Gil while we both were touring in Japan. We had some yakiniku (Korean BBQ) and talked, and we realized we have a lot in common musica-wise. Back in Israel, after some time together in the lab we developed the Voltek7 style.




And what is the next milestone?


Gil: Well, like always we will keep developing our style and pushing the Psytrance scene to the next level.


Micky: We also produce Drum n’ Bass & Dubstep and aim to make music for the gaming industry in the future


After your EP on Planet BEN – what may we look forward to next?


Micky:At the moment we work on another EP, and many more releases are underway, including a full length album.



Gil: We have many ideas to share so all of you can expect a unique ride each and every time!

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