Artist interview: Indra



There are lots of collaborations and remixes on your new album, “Seven”. What do you like about working with other artists? What do you like about working alone?


Yes, on this album I have a few remixes and collaboration tracks. Sometimes I prefer to produce my tracks alone because in this way I can put all my feelings and ideas into the track, it’s more easy for me. Sometimes I make collaboration tracks with other artists because I want to keep it exciting for my fans out there and I know that they like it…About remixes: I only remix tracks that I like and I know that it’s going to sound very well with my sound.



Any story about the number 7?


The story behind the name “Seven” is that 7 is my lucky number and it’s also my 7th album, so I decide to call this album simply “Seven”!



If you had to pick your favourite track from the new album- which one would it be?


My favourite track is “Claudius Maximus” because in this track I have the best feelings and a great story… It’s kind of simple but great with a good sound, great melodies and an old school feeling. So this is my special track and it’s my favourite on the album.



What is your favourite studio software and hardware at the moment?


Cubase 5 is my favourite software and the Nord Lead 3 my favourite hardware synth.



What is your favourite live equipment at the moment?


My live equipment is a Macbook Pro + Ableton Live + Korg controller + microphone (for doing live vocals). I think that my live act is very interactive because I love to party, so I like to connect with the crowd, jumping and dancing together with the audience.



Beside Indra, you also released as Pop Art on Synergetic Records. What is the main difference between these projects?


Indra is Full On Trance at 142 to 147 BPM, Pop Art its Progressive Trance at 133 to 136 BPM.



What’s up next?


New music is on the way… stay tuned!