Artist interview: Funk Truck

funk truck 2



Your debut album „Mind Frequencies“ was released half a year ago on Synergetic Records. How is the feedback?


Yes, we released our debut album and since then we are getting a lot of great feedback each and every day. We even got a person who tattooed on his arm “live the moment” right after hearing this track in one of our sets… So yeah, we are very happy to have all those responses from Trancers all over the world!




Where do you think Progressive Psytrance is going in 2013?


Moran : The sound is developing with the years. Artists are combining styles which are new to Progressive Trance, some are good, some are less good… I think Progressive Trance will go mainstream all the way, involving styles like Pop, Dubstep, some Goa influences. We truly hope that whatever 2013 brings, it will be original!


David: The Progressive Trance genre is going towards the mainstream scene, including influences from all mayor electronic styles, you can hear it already now and it’s just getting bigger.



So where is your sound going…?


We are working on a high quality of sound each and every day, our direction was and always will be to preserve the oldschool Progressive style though we are always trying to bring new ideas to our music to make sure the Trancer will be surprised all the time.



The best party you’ve been to this year?


Moran : Ironically I don’t do lots of parties, but if you ask me about my favourite party this year I will go with One Love Easter 2012 in Switzerland- simply because of the crew, the people, the environment… everything was just perfect and they made me feel like home, starting from the second I landed.


David: My birthday party 2 months ago, it was the best party not because of the amount of people and its size but because all the friends I like came to celebrate it with me.



Imagine it’s your birthday and you have all the budget in the world, you can even invite bands that don’t exist any more or deceased people. What would be the line up of your party?


Moran : Easy!


- Chemical Brothers

- Mstrkrft

- Gorillaz


- Audioslave

- Rage Against The Machine

- The Delta

- Vibrasphere

- Daft Punk

- Cosma (R.I.P) 

- …and of course Funk Truck… hehehe


David :


- Pink Floyd

- Metallica

- Ozric Tentacles

- FREq

- …and most important Funk Truck hehe