Artist interview: Atyss



You just presented the “Lux in Nocte EP” on Planet BEN – How’s the feedback so far?


I’ve been playing these tracks during my numerous festival appearances, and they seem to get the crowd really going, if I may say so myself. One particularly passionate fan told me:


‘It’s your finest release, your production has really grown by leaps and bounds over the years, it perfectly mixes a film noir, a B movie sci-fi atmosphere with the metallic, synesthetic hi-octane energy that I’ve grown to love and expect!’



Any new technologies or sounds you discovered recently?


My current rig consists of a Mac Pro reinforced with UAD and Powercore DSP for effects & mastering. I also make use of a Virus TI, Nord Lead 2, Freebass, Mackie Control and various plugins.


I spend a lot of time doing sound & patch design with the aforementioned tools in order to create my own unique textures and different atmospheres. However, it is an ongoing process as I like to keep it fresh but retain my signature sound. It turns out that my probably most valuable tools in the studio are my Dynaudio AIR6 studio monitors, a real cornerstone of my studio which I cannot do without when producing and mastering tracks.



Your summer highlight in 2012?


This summer I had the pleasure of performing my live act at the Zagora festival, located in the south of Morocco near the Algerian border. It was a great experience… though quite odd to have military personnel doing security! In contrast I also performed at the Life festival in Ireland which was a success and was a gorgeous location.


However, my fondest summer memory was being able to perform at the legendary Boom festival for the second time since 2008, a reference in our genre in terms of attendance, professionalism, amazing decorations & artwork. And of course a perfectly tuned ‘Funktion One’ sound system! I performed my live act during the end of the night, and I am reminiscing of the great audience still going strong till the break of dawn… I prefer these hours since the twilight and early morning light correspond perfectly with my music!



What’s up next?


First off I’m very proud to be part now of Planet BEN Records and to be able to release my new EP. My next releases will be my new album and my own ‘Equinox’ track remixed by different artists of the label.


I’m currently putting the final touches on a remix for ‘Sun Project’ which will also be released on Planet BEN, and then will continue working on my album. Amidst all the studio time and perhaps some party promotion, I am also working on a new Psytrance project with ‘Yurika’, and will hopefully be releasing some of the new material soon!


Regarding my own label ‘Sonic Motion Records’, I just finishing compiling a new EP, which is the second chapter in the ‘Sonic Alchemy’ series, which will be released worldwide on October 20th, with 3 exclusive Fullon groovers and smokers by Outer Signal, Deeper In Zen and Yurika, whom I’ve already mentioned. Stay tuned!


Thanks a lot!

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