Artist interview: Astropilot




The winter is just in front of the doors. For you: The famous Siberian winter. Please tell us one incredible story that happened to you during the winter season in your home town!


First of all I wanna tell you that after almost 28 years since my birth I moved from Siberia to Kiev, Ukraine. Yes, I understand this question… many people asked me almost the same when I visited some European countries. But honestly my home town Novosibirsk has nothing special. Some people think that you can meet there bears in the streets! But I have to disappoint you, you must drive more then 1000 km to the taiga to see bears. Novosibirsk is a simple factory city but, yeah, with severe climate.


Typical temperature for winter is -30° C and lower, and then there is hot summer too with +30° – 35° C some days. In winter 2010 we had a temperature record for our city: – 45° – 47° C for 2 weeks! I remember those days everybody sat home in warm clothing, I left the house only to buy some food. But anyway, in this weather the city continued living its life.


Did you ever feel something like a winter depression?


I love sunny days, but surely during Novosibirsk’s winter there are not many sunny days. Also the other seasons have a lot of dark days. Maybe it is because of city’s factories, I don’t know. In those days I tried to focus on memories about sunny summer days. Also that’s why I love to travel with my music, most of the global psychedelic festivals take place in warm regions, and then I’m back home after some gigs from other countries I have a lot of inspiration and sun in my heart.


Is there actually a Chillout / Downbeat scene in Siberia? What parties are there, what’s the local scene like?


There is no Chillout / Downtempo scene in Siberia, there is also no Psychedelic Trance scene. There are only 1-3 small Trance parties per year, and maybe 1-2 parties have a Chillout stage. As for Psytrance / Chillout artists- I can’t remember any Chillout artist from my city, I think the same goes for all other Siberian cities, there are only a few local Psytrance artists, unknown outside of Russia. Actually, you can find in Novosibirsk’s clubs only Pop, R’n'B, Dubstep and House music.


Dance floor producers see people screaming and throwing their hands in the air in fornt of them. What is the greatest complement for you as a Chill Out producer? How do you “rock” your audience?


First of all I’m not only a Chillout producer, I make different kinds of music: From beatless Ambient to Progressive Psytrance music and sometimes Psybreaks. Well, all depends on the gig and the people. I see screaming people on the dance floor, and I see drowsy smiling people in the Chillout. I love unexpected actions in my sets, sometimes I can mix together some Psy-Ambient and some faster dance music. People dance slowly, listening to Chillout music, then in the break the music smoothly changes to some dance music with a strong Trance beat, most of people are shocked at first and then start dancing as crazy!



You just presented a new EP on Plusquam Chillout – is there any special story behind it?


Yes, there is a story. The tune “Only Hope” was made during the hardest period of my life, because word was broken and I had only hope. I worked a lot on myself, my perception of life, how I see the world around me. I focused on the positive side of my life. And I made another track, called “Patterns of Awareness”. The first version of the tune “A Drowning” was made as remix of How Destroy Angels’s song, it included only vocal samples from the original, and some time later I decided to rework this tune, add some new parts, change arrangement and mixing, remove that vocal sample and make it an original song. I tried this tune as intro/outro at many events, and people enjoyed it a lot. And “A Drowning” waited more than a year for its release, only now this tune found a proper place – this EP. All 3 tunes sound good together, also because there is the same spirit, the same mood inside. Detachment from reality and self-knowledge.


Please name one of your favourite writers, your favourite musicians, your favourite painters / illustrators and tell us why you like their work!


The “Patterns Of Awareness” EP was made with inspiration from the book Eckhart Tolle – The Power of Now. Recently I don’t have enough time for reading. But I like some esoteric books from writers like Carlos Castaneda, Klaus Joehle, Richard Bach, Dan Millman, etc. As for my favourite musician – it’s a hard question for me because all depends of my mood, I listen to different kinds of music. Some day I listen to Depeche Mode, another day I listen to Infected Mushroom’s old albums, another day I can listen to some beatless Ambient by Robert Rich. Also I like to listen to quality soundtrack music, for example Clint Mansel. But after some hard work days I love to listen to silence! As for painters, I love work of Android Jones, it’s really awesome, this year I played at Boom Festival and I saw giant decorations made from his drawings, it’s really impressive!