Artist interview: Aioaska




Pronounced, your artist name Aioaska is reminiscent of an ancient South American drug that is strongly associated with healing , a process taking effect from the mind. Do you think Psytrance does have such properties, as well? How do they work, how can a listening experience or dancing experience be healing?


It’s true, my artist name is a combination of the plant name and the initials of my civic name. Yes, I do believe that you can reach higher states of consciousness when listening to Psytrance – and even heal yourself. The idea of the healing effect of the plant is this: First you leave everything behind, dissolve yourself, just to reassemble your personality afterwards – but without the negative or unhealthy aspects. That is just the way my music shall work. If you are open-minded and if you are willing to really let yourself go with the music, there’s a huge realm of amazing possibilities. Personally, I sometimes drop out all of a sudden and see visions, fall into trance. Then I wake up just like from a dream. I don’t have any idea how much time has passed and what really happened in reality in the meantime. I think you can really do a lot of things, also heal yourself, once you are  in harmony with yourself. We have a lot of abilities, but we forgot how to use them. That is why I believe that music and trance are capable of healing yourself and improving your everyday life. Just have a look at the people on a dance floor, they are smiling, they are peaceful, and they don’t have any negative thoughts.



How do you achieve these effects in your own productions?



I try to employ in my music as much organic and natural sound as possible. Often I use shaman singing or other sounds from nature. Drums, percussions, birds, etc. I think its easier to reach a state of trance when listening to familiar sounds from the natural environment. That is why I use these elements in my music.



Looking back at your musical history: What have been your biggest achievements, and why?



I started to play my music live 2 years ago and it was amazing from the first gig. At the beginning I got most bookings in Austria and I played really much, on quite every big event, for example Paradise festival, Spirit Base festival, Sound Lab Pirates parties, and Cosmic Space Discos. Last year I got also bookings in other countries like Hungary, Romania, Greece, Switzerland, Czech, Croatia, and so on. There were really many great moments and experiences,  but one of my most beautiful outdoor gigs was this summer at Paradise festival. It was a great experience for me and the people on the floor. When I started to play it began to rain really heavy, but the people on the floor stayed only for my music and we had an awesome time in the rain. The Waha festival in Romania was also great. This festival was like a party in Austria 15 years ago. You feel that the music is something new for the people and that they are open for new things. It was not so organized like the big festivals like Boom, VuuV or Ozora. I mean, I am really proud that the scene is growing and that it became so big that festivals like Boom are possible, but I prefer parties or festivals without securities and fences. I miss the family gatherings. However, 2 weeks ago I played on the Paradise winter festival, it was the biggest indoor party I’ve ever seen in Austria. The mood was amazing, the decoration phenomenal, the people enjoyed my set and it was really great to experience that!



And looking forward, towards the future: What are your projects, what may your fans look forward to?



At the moment I’m working on my second studio album, and it will be finished this year. I want to take my time for the second album because for me it is the toughest one, I see that at so many artists. They make their debut album and the people like the sounds and the music. Then they want to change the sounds and they make some new things. In the end, the second album sounds completely different than the first album and the people are disappointed. I hope I can make it better and make a good combination of new sounds and traditional Aioaska sounds.


I have also some side projects with friends. The biggest one is  is Aiodaya. This is a fusion of Suduaya (France) and me. We have releases on Plusquam records and on BMSS records at the moment, new stuff to be released soon on different labels. We go on tour this summer for the first time with gigs at the Sun festival afterhour in Hungary, in Sweden, Croatia and in Greece. We have open dates and bookings are welcome!


I also work with Miss Butterfly (Plusquam Records) on some tracks. We started to make our first track for her compilation “Rise Of The Butterflies”. It was a concept track. We worked with the 528hz love tune, that means the idea for this track was that when you start your set or the CD you should tune the people with this frequency. You really see it in the faces of people when you play this track. They don’t know about this frequency, but they start to smile and feel comfortable. Next track is in the lab and on the way!




What would be your dream collaboration? Imagine all artists are available!


I am a really big fan of Cosma and it would be really nice to make a track together – but not on this planet. I love his vibes, his melodies, and his deep bass lines. His sound is timeless for me. R.I.P. Cosma!



What is you personal vision of a live performance?


I really like a combination of natural and digital sound. When I started to make music I collaborated with an musician. He played monochord and koto and I made the rest of the sound, but it’s really difficult to work together with different people. My perfect live performance is together with a real band with many musicians with instruments like overtone sounds (klangschalen, monochord, etc.), percussions, and many ethno instruments, and for sure vocals. But it’s difficult in this scene at the moment because it’s really expensive to travel with many people. The organizers can’t or don’t want to pay the travel expenses for the entire band. So I hope that I can make it happen in the future!



Where can we hear you live during the next European festival summer?



The bookings are coming in at the moment, some are already confirmed – for example: Life Celebration festival (Croatia), Forrest Star festival (Sweden), Paradise festival (Austria), S.U.N. festival after party, Deeprog Gathering (Hungary), free your mind (Israel), Flow festival (Austria).

There are also request from Mexico, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, and Brazil. I hope I can confirm all of them and I am really looking forward to meet the world and the people!


Thanks a lot – See ya on dance floor!