Arahat & Mubali – Fly In My Chai (Planet BEN Records)



Good news from the heavier end of Psychedelic Trance! Arahat and Mubali, both of which well-known for their extra-dimensional sounds, teamed up for a new EP and present a triple hypnosis trick: It’s named the Fly In My Chai and provokes extraordinary states in the mind of the listener.


Baaat Shiiitt rolls along on an organic bass line- fast and driving, but still far away from the realms of hectic. Twirling frequencies drift along this mighty stream of sub-frequent energy, piling up in weird sound structures. One of them known as Broke-Ass Mountain: also this track comes with a very sleek and organic feeling, at some point there is the pure logic of insanity clearly shining through the twisted groove. Finally, to get some Souvenirs d une Epoque Precedente, the duo accelerates a little more and shoots straight into a sonic wormhole, monstrous and mysterious sounds passing by like time-lapsed particles in the middle of a light speed torrent.


By the way, it’s no surprise that these two Californian production wizards add up so well: It was Goa Trance veteran Arahat, also known as DJ Hidro-ponik, who introduced Mubali into the world of Psytrance around 2001. Often using the moniker Arabali, they finished a number of tracks released on various compilations during the past years. However, this newest production really makes us long for their mutual debut album!


Audio Demos