Aioaska – Into The Cosmic Jungle


Format: CD | Release date: 02.12.2011
Format: Digital | Release date: 30.12.2011

CAT: MD121

Audio Demos




01. Aioaska – The Awakening Of The Shaman
02. Aioaska – Power Of Ayahuasca
03. Aioaska – Start In Other Dimensions
04. Aioaska – Energy Boost
05. Aioaska – Milkey Way Coaster
06. Aioaska – Higher Consciousness
07. Aioaska – The Final Arrival
08. Aioaska – Indian Flute


It took nearly two years until MIDIJUM RECORDS decided to release again a physical CD. But it is more than logical to do it.
AIOASKA is our new exclusive producer from Austria presenting his debut CD album “Into The Cosmic Jungle” featuring 8 previous unreleased full-on tracks.
With AIOASKA you cannot go wrong – each tracks has its own story and built-up with rising moments and spiritual elements. Even the CD concept has its own structure so we start with progressive-derived track number one and end up in full-on trance music at track eight. The emotional and pure picks for sensitive sounds makes this project so interesting and worth to go physical. Take a step into the Cosmic Jungle and check out the sound samples. You won’t be dissapointed.



Into the Cosmic Jungle - Aioaska