Abendrot – Der Flug Des Phoenix (Plusquam Chillout)




Abendrot is the German word for the red glow of the evening sun. Obviously this name was chosen in order to give rise to similar ideas and feelings as the music of this project does. Feelings of romanticism, harmony, and deep relaxation.


On the available EP Abendrot delivers six tracks that would perfectly match any DJ set at the famous Café Del Mar on the beach of Ibiza. Ultra-mellow pad sounds and floating harmonies trigger tender emotions as if ecstasy was infused into the auditory system of the listener. The compositions are sophisticated and clearly bear the hallmarks of someone who understands music, but they never get complicated or demanding. Der Flug Des Phoenix (the flight of the phoenix), Tanz Der Sinne (dance of the senses), and Traumtaenzer (dream dancer) come with easy drums and stimulation rhythms, the other titles are standing yet ever changing sound sculptures with few, if any beats.


Summary: Abendrot delivers the perfect soundtrack for classic Ibiza Chill Outs with a tiny touch of psychedelics, for tender twosomeness or meditation and yoga.

Audio Demos