Aaron The Baron – Move 2 Groove


Format: Digital Release date: 14.05.2010





01. Feel Well
02. The Big Kick
03. Fresh It Up
04. Kamma Jamma So Sehn
05. Keep The Music Playin
06. Bad Joke
07. One World
08. Herz Aus Stahl
09. The Blubb
10. Frequencies
11. Deep In My Soul
12. No Surprise
13. Welcome To Another World


“Move 2 Groove” is the second part of the Aaron The Baron trilogy on Bloodsugar Records.
The 13 track Album shows again Aaron`s talent for variety emotions in his music.
“Move 2 Groove” includes relaxing chillout beats, funky lounge and also swinging house music.



Move Two Groove - Aaron the Baron