Aaron The Baron – Hot Tin Roof


Format: Digital Release date: 14.05.2010





01. Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
02. Time And Space
03. No Other Place
04. Do It
05. Waves
06. Novemberblues
07. Feel The Night
08. High And Low
09. God Doesn`t Play At Dice
10. Thinkin About You
11. Houie Ds Fanclub
12. Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (House Mix)
13. No Other Place (Lounge Mix)
14. Time And Space (Radio Mix)


The third part of the Aaron The Baron trilogy on Bloodsugar Records.
“Hot Tin Roof” includes 14 tracks full with emotions, funk and relaxing flair.
The Aaron The Baron trilogy is a must have for all Lounge lovers.
Enjoy “Blue Moon”, “Move 2 Groove” and “Hot Tin Roof”.



Hot Tin Roof - Aaron the Baron