A day in Progressive Land… interview with Lupin




Lupin, you are our guide today, a Progressive Land native – please tell us a little bit about the inhabitants of this exotic, alien place!


I’m glad to guide you around! The inhabitants of Progressive Land were selected by my own taste, to form this special compilation and to shape a Progressive trip track by track. My idea was to create a selection of music that is able to represent the whole range of pure Progressive Psytrance music… and this is the result, for my vision these 9 tracks do work perfectly!


Please tell us one crazy story from Progressive Land!


Well, I suppose that as with every compilation, there may be changes and new ways while you are doing it, so this was also the case with Progressive Land. At the beginning it was planned for another label, finally we had to move it and this delayed the project, but in the end it turned out to be good because then I had more time. Some tracks were removed and new ones were added, and so this selection took shape. Each track has its own history, of course. And the reaction on the dance floor was always killer when I played at parties, for example “Hi Profile – Corporation X” always worked great. People were expecting the compilation since quite a while since I played the tracks long before the release date.


The year 2012 comes to an end. Probably even the world… what have been highlights for you?


He he he… yes it looks like that! But to be honest I don’t think so, I feel we still have a lot to do, and we have a very important new era coming up. The highlights of my life have always been related with music and the people I love. I would say my best experience in life is playing for the people; to share the music and to guide the people is such a massive feeling! I feel I still have to give a lot, so I don’t hope there will be a physical end of the world but a new time to keep doing what we love – I guess this is the best way get into a flow with all your senses.


Progressive Land is now accessible for everybody. Additionally, we heard that you are going on a tour?


Yes indeed! I will tour Mexico and Chile from December to January, I’m preparing already for the trip. I have 3 events in Mexico around Ciudad de Mexico, Queretaro and Ixtapaluca; then I go to Chile where we have planned an Ovnimoon label night in Santiago de Chile, and the next weekend I will be in the Tripantu Festival at Lago Colbun. I suggest all people who are around there should


follow my Facebook artist page


to keep updated with the event’s locations and all related infos. When I come back in February I will be playing in Tessaloniki and the week after in Athens.


Will you remain a part of the Plusquam Label group?


I have recently been releasing a lot of music with Synergetic. I am in a very active and productive flow this season, working on some new compilations, EPs, also some collaborations and remixes. For sure some of these will come on Plusquam Labelgroup!

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